Private One to One Yoga Sessions – Personal to you!

No matter what age or ability, everyone deserves to enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

One-to-One Yoga gives Jill not only the opportunity to teach, but to also learn about your personal needs and how Jill can help you achieve them.

Our private yoga sessions will be tailored to your own goals, pace, and ability…

  • Whether you have never done yoga before and need instruction and confidence before joining a group class
  • Or you want go deeper into advanced yoga practice that’s beyond what you experience in a group session
  • If you are recovering from illness or injury
  • Or just need special attention to enhance your flexibility, balance, breathing, relaxation, and posture
  • You are a sports person who needs to balance your activities with yoga
  • Maybe you’re too busy to join a class and would love the convenience of practicing yoga in your own workplace or even in my studio
  • Or perhaps you need more focus to achieve your mental and spiritual goals, and you want to strengthen your meditative practice through yoga
Experience an enriching 90-minute One to One Yoga session with Jill for £45, or £200 for 5 sessions (which is only £40 each).