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The Elements: Fire and Air

The element fire or sun is associated with our solar plexus, around the navel. We will include some core strengthening exercises in our practice. Air is associated with the heart and lungs. The video  includes gentle back bends, shoulder-opening postures and lateral stretches.  

Midweek on your Mat 9

Mindful hip openers. Increase the rate of motion in your hip joints through releasing tension in the muscles, tendons and connective tissue that surrounds them. 

Salute to the Earth

The earth and water elements are associated with the legs, hips, pelvis and low back. These postures will strength and help to increase the range of motion in these areas.

Midweek on Your Mat 8

Lateral stretches to give you energy.  Opening the side lines of the body to make space: more space for your body, more space for your breath, more space for your brain.

Salute to the Elements

A celebration of beautiful Mother Nature and the elements, earth, water, fire/sun, and air. A flowing Hatha yoga practice for the whole body. 

Midweek on Your Mat 7

How are your shoulders today?

A Practice for May, the Tree.

Wood is the element for spring and signifies new growth. The month of May is the loveliest, and we honour the beauty of the trees in our practice.

Trees have strong roots and they draw up the earth's energy.

Trees have strong roots and they draw up the earth's energy to the skies. We root down through our feet and from a strong stable foundation we can grow, flow, move, feel spacious and find stillness.

Step into Spring

As we welcome Spring, twists and lateral stretches will help to reenergise and benefit the liver and digestive system.  

Midweek on Your Mat 5

Flowing, energising practice for a healthy spine. 

Hatha Yoga Flow

The recipe for this practice is a strong pair of legs and arms, a focused in-breath balanced with relaxed shoulders, a calm out- breath and a pinch of patience!  

Midweek Yoga Class on your mat 4

Flow through your week and don’t rock the boat!  

Easter, festival of rebirth: time to let go

Easter, festival of rebirth: time to let go, strengthen and embrace change.

Midweek Yoga Class on your mat 3

Gentle heart opening postures, lateral stretches, twists and a balancing challenge to ‘blossom into joy'.

Gently preparing for Dancer Pose

Heart-opening and back-bending postures create spinal flexibility, correct alignment and enable effective respiration.

Mid Week Yoga class on Your Mat 2

A flowing sequence to boost your energy. Some heart-opening postures, twists and hip openers to help you flow through the week!

Side-Bending, Learning to Move & Open Outside Our Boundaries

Lateral stretches improve spinal flexibility and bring balance to the entire body. The intercostal muscles between the ribs are gently stretched to open up the rib cage and lungs, and improve breathing capacity. Tight intercostal muscles can weaken your posture, resulting in neck and shoulder tension.

Mid week yoga class on Your Mat 1

A shorter practice to help you overcome the mid-week slump! Some gentle sun greetings to revitalise and seated postures to gently stretch you and ease away tension in the neck and shoulders.

Spring Equinox Practice

A flowing, re-energising practice to welcome the spring. The wood element is associated with spring. It's a time of growth, renewal, and awakening. Wood is associated with vision and dreams. It may be a time to let go of stuff that no longer serves us and to create intentions for the year ahead.